Welcome to our scrapbook of Rick Steves' "Best of Venice, Florence and Rome in 10 days" tour! We are a young couple in our 30s that has been looking hard for a tour company with experienced tour guides that highly value the historical and cultural aspect of traveling. Rick Steves' Travel Philosophy really spoke to us! Rick Steves' Tour itineraries are well planned and even allow free time instead of unnecessary shopping infomercial trips that waste your time!   

Planning was made easy courtesy of all the Rick Steves' resources! This included videos, podcasts, guidebooks, website and the smartphone app which contains detailed audio guides and maps for various sights.

About our Scrapbook: We are passionate photography enthusiasts and believe a picture is worth a thousand words and speaks for itself. Every photo in our scrapbook was taken by us. As photography enthusiasts we prefer to focus on capturing our travels from our perspective instead of photographs of ourselves during our travels. With this in mind, you can go through our scrapbook as if you are going to Italy with us! We have organized our "Best of Venice, Florence and Rome in 10 days" tour into four sections. There is a brief description of each day's activities followed by a photo gallery to illustrate our unforgettable journey in Italy. We have included various links (anything underlined) for you to easily find out more information that may interest you. Feel free to click the photos for a closer look!   

Best of Venice, Florence & Rome in 10 days